Professor Mike Mooney
Mike Mooney, Ph.D., P.E.

Director, Center for Underground Construction and Tunneling
Grewcock Endowed Chair in UC&T
Professor of Civil Engineering

Teaching: Design and Construction of Tunnels in Soft Ground, Support of Excavations, Instrumentation and Monitoring, Soil Mechanics
Research Interests: Soft ground tunnel design and construction, Geophysical methods, Ground improvement, Instrumentation & monitoring during construction, Intelligent construction
Phone: (303) 384-2498

Professor Marte Gutierrez
Marte Gutierrez, Ph.D.

Director, University Transportation Center for Underground Transportation Infrastructure (UTC-UTI)
James R.Paden Distinguished Professor

Teaching: Soil Behavior, Foundations
Research Interests: Constitutive Modeling of Geomaterials, Multiphase Fluid Flow in Deformable Porous/Fractured Media, Discrete Element Modeling, Underground Construction, Environmental and Energy Sustainability
Phone: (303) 273-3507

Assistant Professor Reza Hedayat
Reza Hedayat, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Teaching: Mechanics of Materials
Research Interests: Geomechanics, Rock and Fracture Mechanics, Ground-Support Interaction in Tunnels, Applied Geophysics and Wave Propagation, Multiscale Experimental Study of Soils and Rocks, Fluid Flow in Porous and Fractured Media, and Hydraulic Fracturing.
Phone: (303) 273-3401

Professor Priscilla Nelson
Priscilla Nelson, Ph.D.

Department Head and Professor of Mining Engineering

Teaching: Underground Design and Construction
Research Interests: Geotechnical, Geological and Geoenvironmental Engineering; Underground Construction and Design of Underground Facilities; Engineering for Extreme Events and Disaster Mitigation; Sensor Technologies and Systems; Risk-based Performance Assessment; Critical and Complex Infrastructure Systems and Performance Models including Interdependency and Vulnerability; K-12, Undergraduate, Graduate and Continuing Engineering Education; Diversity in the Professions of Engineering.
Phone: (303) 384-2606

Associate Professor Jamal Rostami
Jamal Rostami, Ph.D.

Alacer Gold/ Hadden Endowed Chair
Associate Professor of Mining Engineering

Teaching: Design and Construction of Tunnels/Shaft in Rock, Ground Support, Rock Fragmentation, Mechanical Tunneling and Rock Excavation, Materials Handling
Research Interests: Hard rock tunnel/shaft design and construction, design/performance analysis/modeling/process simulation of TBMs and Roadheader, soil/rock abrasion, Rock mechanics testing and modeling, ground support, Geotechnical site investigation, directional drilling, space mining and construction
Phone: (303) 273-3041

Assistant Professor Eunhye Kim
Eunhye Kim, Ph.D., P.E.

Assistant Professor of Mining Engineering

Teaching: Underground Design and Construction
Research Interests: Stability of geostructures (tunneling in mining and civil applications), Rock mechanics and rock fragmentation, Interaction between cutting tools and geomaterials, Dynamic mechanical behavior of geomaterials with innovative materials, Interaction between geomaterials and fluid.
Phone: (303) 273-3029

Assistant Professor Gabriel Walton
Gabriel Walton, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Engineering Geology and Underground Construction and Tunnel Engineering

Teaching: Geological Data Management, Underground Construction Engineering
Research Interests: Rock Mechanics, Numerical modeling of underground works, Rockmass characterization, Applications of geophysics and remote sensing in underground construction and tunnelling

Associate Professor Wendy Zhou
Wei (Wendy) Zhou, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Engineering Geology and GIS

Teaching: GIS, Applications of Geographic Information Systems, Geological Data Management, Applications of Geographic Information Systems
Research Interests: Rock mass characterization, Numerical modeling, InSAR applications in ground movement monitoring, and GIS applications in natural resource management, environmental impact study, and geohazard zonation
Phone: (303) 384-2181

Post Doc. Rick Bearce
Rick Bearce

Post Doc. Faculty

Research Interests: Non-destructive evaluation of chemically modified soil

Kellan Barr, Marketing & Operations Manager
Kellan Barr

Marketing and Operations Manager, Center for Underground Construction & Tunneling
Phone: (303) 384-2434